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Humble Beginnings

Speaker wrapped in chilled backdrop

So It Starts

 Fire & Ice represents the balance point of different energies remaining stable. Blending together all our elements of music production, along with you the artist, is the key to the distinctive sound. Commitment to top notch quality on each project is of the highest priority. The better you sound, the better we sound.  

Commitment to Client Success

 We provide affordable quality music production services including audio/engineering, and instrumental compositions.  Working with solid local talent, plus like minded individuals, has enabled us to bring products and services to market.  In short, we make it all work for you!

Microphone on fire
Equalizer for anything

We Strive For Excellence

 While perfection may be impossible, excellence is not.  With our ever improving environment and skill set, motivations are kept high to meet quality standards.  Through hard work, creativity , and determination we bring our best available product and/or service to fit your musical needs.  


"Words are powerful vessels with which we survive,

understand, and progress.  Music is the rhythm in which

we do those things!"

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