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Studio Sessions

Studio Session 1 Hour

This session grants you access to "The Hole" and it's on-hand production team for 1 hour. Already got your song down? Start Here!


Studio Session 3 Hours

This session grants you access to "The Hole" and its on-hand production team for a total of 3 hours. Great for building songs from scratch.


Performance Mix-Down

Need someone to put your show set together?  We can  edit and mix your next performance set.  Make sure to have the right blend while you're rocking the crowd!


One on One Production Session

Know exactly how you want it to sound?  Already have lyrics? This one is for you!  With this option you can work closely with the producer to get that perfect instrumental. 


Everyday Deals

- 20% off studio session w/purchase of instrumental. Ask! 

- Instrumental packages available, starting at 10 for $150!!

- Free 1-Hour in-studio listening session available.


Silver Edition Instrumentals

Don't let the first level of instrumentals fool you! There are great finds in this batch of music. This level of instrumental  is also perfect for those working with a tight budget.


Gold Edition Instrumentals

Now here is where things get interesting. Where the Fire begins to meet the Ice if you will. The right artist and song concept can set these off!


Platinum Edition Instrumentals

This level of instrumental provides artist plenty of versatility, plenty of creative juices, and may be exactly what you need for the next project on your list!


Diamond Edition Instrumentals

Everybody likes diamonds...right? This is where it all comes together.  Style points always matter in this industry and this level has lots of it. 


The Fine Print

- Sample Instrumentals:

- Short production meeting required before session.

- *Pricing shown based on "Non-Exclusive Use License"

Story Of "The Hole"

"The Hole" idea is from a perspective of being trapped yet seeing ways to escape.  The ability to not give up in tough conditions and actively move towards a better situation. Naturally, when time came to name the studio, it was only fitting to display this notion.   We are now able to provide a quality recording for artists  to use &  enjoy.

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